The tribal bellydancer Judit Virág presents herself. Her work history lasts already for 10 years: she participated in many international festivals and shows to which she contributed by her performance, her teaching and judging skills. She is the organizer and manager of the Tribal Fest Budapest for many years.

The tribal dance she practices is more than an artistic tendency or style, it is ritual and magical at the same time. It is about communicating the womanhood’s messages, that are coded into rhythm and melody, through the language of movements. The choreography that blends African, Middle Eastern and Asian stylization, also includes ‘mudras’, ancient movements of the hand.


Her students are from different age groups with different social situations, they are singles or mothers with many children, but they work, practice and perform together and by forgetting the differences between their destinies and personalities, they create the Tribal Energy. That’s how dance transforms into magic, the performance into a seance in which the public will become a part of the created purely feminine energy through the power of the hypnotical movements. The deep, mystical music, redolent of ancient ages, also intensifies the ritual character of the performances.   


Judit Virág - 2013