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The Hathors are interdimensional teachers who are facilitating planetary ascension through Compassion, Love, Sound, and Humor.To have direct experience with these Beings of Light is to remember the power of love, laughter and conscious breath moving within the full-spectrum of Being. The Hathors represent the Shekinah, that maternal force who embraces duality into unified Oneness, gathers the fragments of Self... We are here to realize and celebrate Union!

The Hathors worked extensively in Egypt during the formative years of the civilization, before the pharaohs came into power.


That night, a threatening darkness rose,
The desert’s torrid wind was the sign of her arrival,
Her hunt began. She dressed up in a cloth red like rose,
The great Beast wanted blood, that’s what she longed for.
That night, the battle raged like a storm,
Died there all the ennemies of the Worlds’ Lord.
Appeared in the pool of blood the face of a Lion,
The face of the cruel Sekhmet, who takes her toll.



The Words and the Silence
Are measured on the Balance of Truth
The feather of Ma’at is put in balance,
It starts the interrogation of Youth.
Look right here, at this scaffold
You can see your sins on the rack.
The rise of old memories is what it holds,
You need to confess to save your neck.



Two mummies went round the bend,
Celebrated the millennium of their bodies gone bad,
getting oiled, greased, embalmed and then
resin-treated and wrapped in strings of linen.
This time, they clinked for immortality,
They went to the Bar called Deads’ Hospitality.
Wanting to get laid, they tried really hard,
but sadly none of the girls got charmed.



Souls of the Pyramids, guardians of ascension,
I’m going to open up the lock of the Shades.
My soul’s pure, let me enter the World of Osiris
Oh, magical openers of locks, bars and gates.
Let me wander in different forms and shapes,
Until I get to know every corner of the Shades.


Isis and Osiris

Isis and Osiris, Great deities of Otherworld, Preach the Truth, say the magical words: The soul found the way back to sunlight, Raised from the dead, came back to life.



Like cant is the voice, the purr,
The eyes are enticing, like velour is her fur,
Agile diva, playful and inquiring,
The cutting glance is mesmerizing,
She slicks, flatters, her body is the pure danger,
But she let her claws out when you’d touch her.



On the wings of a Fawk he flies,
His voice as a bird’s opens the Skies,
He’s so wise that healeays stays alive,
From his revenge, he just must rise,
For the sake of Osiris and the pure ones.
He’s still one of the souls’ Gardedames,
His eyes lighten up the night’s darkness,
He brightens the Otherworld with his highness


Lo, your journey comes to an end,
Behold, it's Anubis, the jackal-waterman,
His look on the dead, points at some:
"Behold, with me you'll come!"
And the shadows keep begging:
"Our Lord, powerful and agile being,
Who leads our souls to the Underworld,
Help us to get through this scary world
And its dangerous corners and places,
To get to Osiris’ throne harmless."


Army of Scorpions

Don’t you dare bother me in the swamp,
Beware, all scorpions are ready to jump,
They gather their venom, they lose no drop,
And peirce with their stings at one swap!
They kill all the traitors in a bloody crop!
Tefen and Befen, Tjetet, Petet, Matet,
Mesetet, Masetetef, my scorpions, attack!


The Ten Plagues

First, all water in Egypt turns to blood,
Then thousands of frogs swarm in a flood,
Midges and waterflies attack in a cloud,
And in a pest all the animals will die out.
Epidemic brings death and destruction,
Harvest perishes in drift and locust invasion.
Three-day-long darkness cuts like thorns,
At last comes the death of all first-borns.



The party is filthy with the Gins Your glass will be filled with gin.
Gins are bohemians, they make rhymes And even poem-contests sometimes.
Some of them use this opportunity To get in the Dead Drunk Poets Society.


The Nile

Lo and behold,
I’m the great river,
I’m made of heavenly water,
My waves get higher and higher. I know no ennemies, The Great Nile my name is,
In my water whirls the Ancient Force,
Osiris’ tomb’s hidden in my watercourse.



On the wings of a spirit he flies
To his throne adorned with butterflies. Hail to thee, glorious and feathery beetle, Your crown that is glowing and gentle Irradiates our big world, in silence Let me be around you, your excellence!
Like the wakening sun at dawn,
Open up the road towards the sky
For those who are long gone,
Oh, you sublime Ka!